Health & Humand Services

This facet focuses on the health and well being of those whom we serve. The focus centers on physical, nutritional, and emotional issues that surround childhood obesity in the Harlem Community. The signature program of this facet is Teen Battle Chef.


Teen Battle Chef

Metro-Manhattan (NY) Chapter Links in partnership with Emblem Health have partnered to educate 40 youths annually about healthful eating through a series of workshops about healthy cooking and lifestyles. This has helped to not only make an impact on the lives of the youth participants, but also their families as they have learned how to make simple changes in their lifestyles that affect their overall health, including battling childhood obesity. The culmination of the training program is a well attended cook-off with the youth teams led and judge by celebrities.

Health & Human Services Updates

Bringing Out the Chef in Children

The Health & Human Services Facet of the Metro-Manhattan (NY) Chapter umbrella program, Teen Battle Chef, was featured in the New York Times blog. . . 1/4/2016 Read more here.

It Was All Good At The Teen Battle Chef Live In Harlem

On June 16, eleven New York high school students from Brooklyn Lab School, Edward A. Reynolds West Side High School and the George Washington Education Campus faced off in “Teen Battle Chef LIVE in Harlem,” an annual cooking… 6/23/15 READ MORE  And watch the full video below.

Teen Battle Chef Recap 2015

When the lights lowered at Madiba Harlem last Tuesday June 16th, the audience quieted instantly. The music that kicked off the 2015 “Teen Battle Chef LIVE in Harlem”…READ MORE